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Yoga 101

Many people in the world have preconceived ideas about what Yoga is. Some people think it is some sort of ancient religious practice. Luckily however, with the popularity of Yoga Centres and Yoga Classes in Singapore today – it is more closely related to the set of exercises and postures (asanas) that is used for maintaining inner balance and harmony.

Well truth be told, Yoga has a long history and is an ancient science and discipline developed thousands of years ago. There is more to Yoga than the awkward postures you do along with your Nintendo Wii Fit. A lot more. Afterall, what else would you expect of a 5000 year old discipline?

This section explores what Yoga really is, some of these origins, and also gives you a head start on the concepts involved. We’ll also tell you about the different styles and branches, the breathing techniques, and what accessories and attire you might want to consider before starting your yoga classes.