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In Singapore, there is a must-attend yoga event for all yogis and yoginis, called Yogamania. This event is held yearly, and brings together several different yoga centres and masters, so that visitors can have a one stop experience to learn about and try out the various types of yoga.

Yoga Mania Event in Singapore

This yoga carnival is presented by Real Yoga, one of the Yoga Centres in Singapore, at The Centrepoint shopping centre (Orchard Road).

The Yogamania event was held at the Singapore Flyer in 2009 over a weekend, on April 18 & 19th 2009. In 2009 the carnival featured reknown yoga masters, instructors. The list includes:

  • Yoga Master Saumik Bera
  • Yoga Master Yogananth Andiappan
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Jeanne Chung
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Rebecca Pflaum
  • Yoga Instructor Master Yogacharya N Prabhuji
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Mira
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Cham Lay Peng
  • Yoga Instructor Mr Sherwin Sng
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Adrienne Low
  • Yoga Instructor Ms Shivangi Gaur

Registration fees for the event range from S$10 to S$46, depending on what category of workouts you sign up for. You can also sign up for package workshop sessions with the masters that range from S$20 – S$120.

There is no news of Yogamania carnival in 2010 yet.