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Yoga By The Sea

Yoga By the Sea 2010 is a mass yoga event brought to you by Panaflex (the makers of Panadol). It was a 2 day event held over the weekend, on the 23rd and 24th of October 2010 at East Coast Park (Angsana Green).

Mass Yoga Workshops

The bulk of the program were individual Yoga workshops held by instructors from the different Yoga schools in Singapore. Workshops range between 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Here are the list of workshops conducted during Yoga By The Sea 2010.

23 Oct 2010

  • Fitness First Flow Yoga (1 hr)
  • Yoga for Asthma & Nasal Allergy (1 hr 30 min)
  • Yogascension – Evolution through asana (1 hr 30 min)
  • Flow with Yoga! (1 hr)
  • Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments (1 hr 30 min)
  • Yoga Horizon – Connecting the body and mind (1 hr)

24 Oct 2010

  • Yoga For Seniors (1 hr)
  • Breath and Movement, Safety and Alignment in Yoga (1 hr 30 min)
  • Breathing Techniques For Inner Calmness (1 hr 30 min)
  • Yoga Alignment (1 hr)
  • Yoga Dance Flow (1 hr 30 min)
  • Yoga Rendezvous – A Yoga Gathering (1 hr)

Mass Yoga Workout

The mass workout was on the Saturday, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The two mass workouts were 1 hour 15 mins each, the Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation. A free shuttle bus service was provided for those attending the mass yoga sessions – from Eunos MRT to the venue of the event.

This session also marked the most number of people doing yoga together, with a total of 2068 participants! What an outstanding mass yoga workout in Singapore!


Like Yogamania, there were different tiers of pricing depending on whether you booked early or late, or whether you are there for all the workshops, to attend individual yoga workshops, or just there for the mass workout.

Early birds to get just the mass workout pass will cost just $5, while a two day pass to the event, bought late (after 27 September 2010) will cost $90. In either case, you get a pretty good deal. Participants also get an event pack, and the first 1500 registrants some also got a free exclusive yoga mat on top of the pack!

Yoga By the Sea 2011

The 2010 event has been a huge success, and it seems that it will become an annual event. There is no news of Yoga By The Sea 2011 yet, but be sure to check back for updates!