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Yoga Retreats and Events

With the hectic work that you face everyday in Singapore, one of the best ways to take a break, calm down your mind and focus on your health is to head out for a Yoga retreat!

Yoga Retreats in Asia

Some places in the region, like Ubud Bali and Thailand have resorts that are famous destinations for their Yoga retreats. And, if you are adventurous, go ahead and venture to where Yoga first originated – go for a retreat in India!

Yoga Events in Singapore

If getting out of the country is not an option for you, another way to get a good workout, meet new friends and enjoy yoga is through the various mass yoga events in Singapore.

Catered to meet the needs of experienced yogis and yognis, as well as people who want to have a go at yoga for the first time, yoga events like Yogamania and Yoga By the Sea have been organized jointly by several yoga studios in Singapore and they have been wildly successful.