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Yoga Mats

Using a good non-slip Yoga Mat is very useful when practicing your Asanas. Some of the postures require you to have a good friction with the platform you are standing on, and this mat provides the friction. When you purchase a yoga mat in Singapore, some will also come with a carrier sling strap or bag which will save you money on your Yoga bag.

Where to Buy Yoga Mats in Singapore

If you are keen to find Yoga Mats in Singapore, you can either ask at your Yoga centre if they sell any, or head on to some of sports shops like World of Sports, Sportslink or Royal Sporting House. You can head on to Novena Square, Velocity or Square 2 (right above Novena MRT), if you like to shop around the many sports shops to compare prices.

If you are sports brand fanatic, you will also be able to find these branded mats like Nike Yoga Mats and Adidas Yoga Mats in the major sports retail outlets. They may require some searching, or just ask the counter staff.

While some “premium” Yoga mats retail for as much as $140, you should be able to get a good yoga exercise mat for less than $50.

Getting Yoga Mats Online

Good Yoga MatAnother source for you to get Yoga mats is online, where you can order using a credit card and get it sent to you. If you don’t mind paying more for the shipping cost in return for a larger variety of mats, some sites, like Mandaluka dedicate their entire site to selling their own brand of yoga mats and accessories, while other general stores like also has some Yoga Mats in their inventory.