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Yoga Bag

When you start to attend a yoga class – it would be good (but optional) to get a Yoga bag for you to carry your necessary yoga equipment and accessories to the class.

A good yoga bag has straps or compartments where you can keep your rolled-up yoga mat, together with space to put stuff like your exercise clothing, toiletries (to shower after the class) and other accessories like the foam blocks or rolls which you use during class.

Depending on your preference, you may want to get a simple yoga mat bag just to store the mat and carry your other stuff separately in your own bag, or get a larger bag like a yoga tote bag or yoga backpack where you can squeeze everything in and make it less cumbersome to handle. In any case, remember that this is an optional item, and you should always buy a good mat first, because some yoga mats come together with a pretty carry bag!

Yoga BagLike other sports bags – these specialized bags for yoga sport different prices, depending on the brand, design size and even where you purchase the bag from. Cheaper ones can go for anything less than S$25, while the higher end and more branded ones can go up to over S$100.

Yoga Bags in Singapore

You can easily find yoga bags in Singapore from most sports retail stores like Royal Sporting House, Stadium or World of Sports. Some of these shops also carry sports branded yoga bags like Nike Yoga Bags and Reebok Yoga Bags.

Finding Yoga Bags Online

If you are choosy with designs and colors and can’t seem to find the right bag for you in the retail stores in Singapore, you can also look for these bags online. There are several online merchant selling these bags. Some, like Yogobags and Yogoco are specialized stores that offer a good variety of designs, colors and sizes, while other general stores hold bags from sports brand manufacturers.