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Yoga Attire

Whether you are a man or woman, the focus when it comes to getting proper hatha yoga attire in Singapore is simple – you need to be wearing something comfortable, that allows you to move and breathe freely. A good example of what to wear is a pair of leggings or track pants, together with a regular tee-shirt. Be sure to get clothing that is sweat absorbent, because you don’t want to be staining the studio floor and your yoga mat will all your sweat.

However, on the other hand, do not wear anything too baggy. You don’t want to be tripping over yourself as you do your postures, and your yoga instructor will also need to see what your hands and legs are doing to verify that you are indeed performing the postures correctly.

You do not need footwear for your yoga sessions (and remember that you are going to be without footwear, so make sure your feet are fresh!) Your soles will give you a good grip when you are doing your postures, especially when you performing them on a good yoga mat.

Bring along a small blanket or sports jacket with you so that you can cover yourself in your relaxation sessions – your body tends to cool down rapidly.

As far as fashion accessories are concerned, there is no need for them – in fact, wearing any accessories like watches or dangling necklaces can be distracting not only to yourself but also to fellow students, so keep them in the locker together with your bag before class. If you have long hair, remember to tie it up, but make sure the pony tail does not add pressure to your neck.

Where to Get Yoga Attire in Singapore

While there isn’t a need for ‘specialized’ yoga clothing, you can certainly find better quality sports clothes for your sessions from the retail sports shops. Some popular brands have dry-fit and trendy yoga attire in Singapore which are optimal for your classes. There is even a range of Adidas Yoga Clothing which they have specifically created for women, in their yoga apparel collection.