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Yoga Exercises

At the heart of all Yoga classes in Singapore are the yoga exercises, or postures (asanas). Each posture has been carefully studied to promote a health and rejuvenation, as well as a balanced and focused mind. In modern Yoga today, there are hundreds of postures, ranging from basic yoga exercises to the advanced postures.

When you practice these postures in class, you will hear your yoga instructor mention their Sanskrit names, as well as their translations. As you start to pick up yoga, you might find that some of these names are difficult to remember, but don’t be daunted – just like learning a new language, you will familiarize yourself with these names over time.

The basic concept of these asanas is to re-educate your body on the correct way of doing things. With modern technology and longer working hours at a desk based job, we learn to slouch and sit with our neck leaned forward. Practicing hatha yoga essentially re-educates your body to go back into good posture, slowly but surely.

Balanced Yoga Workouts

Yoga ExerciseAll of the yoga postures are not done individually. Each posture is held for a few seconds, but they are done in a sequence, so that the body is made to go through the entire range of movements between the postures. This puts a focus on balance.

It is also important to balance your entire workout with a mix of postures from the various categories – lying, standing, seating, balancing, inverted, backbends.

Remember to always spend time to warm up before performing the asanas, and also have ample time to cool down and relax after the workout.

Most of all, don’t stretch yourself too much – if you are starting out, try on the basic yoga exercises first. Only when you are more comfortable and flexible, should you attempt the inverted and backbend asanas.

In this section, we will feature some basic yoga exercises which you can use to get started in the next 30 minutes! We also feature some basic breathing exercises, as well as tips on some of the equipment like your yoga mat, you might want to purchase before attending the your first class.