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Yoga Centres in Singapore

The Yoga Centres in Singapore generally come in two flavours.

The Bigger Yoga Centres – Convenient, Many Instructors

There are quite a number of the bigger and popular Yoga Centres in Singapore, and most of them open early (some as early as 6:45am) and close late (as late as 11pm) on weekdays to cater to the working population. Most of these Yoga Centres also operate over the weekends, and even on public holiday (usually shorter hours) so that you can attend a class and work on your practice any day you want.

These bigger centres usually publish a schedule of when each class will be held, and yogis and yoginis typically pay a monthly fee to get limited or unlimited access to their classes. In fact, some centres have multiple branches across the island, and depending on type of membership you have at centre, you can just register for a class at any one of their branches.

However, with multiple centres and operating hours like these to provide you with the convenience, these bigger yoga centres will naturally have to hire a team of Yoga Instructors and you may not always get the same instructor teaching you all the time, across all sessions.

Here are some of the bigger yoga centres in Singapore are:

  1. True Yoga
  2. Real Yoga
  3. Absolute Yoga
  4. California Fitness Yoga

The Smaller Yoga Centres – Personalised Coaching

If you would prefer a more personalized coaching from session to session, you might want to consider smaller yoga centres, who are normally run by just one principal yoga instructor and maybe an assistant, or just look for a freelance yoga instructor who provides one-to-one training.

Sticking to one yoga instructor is also essential if you are doing a more specialized class, like Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga or if you are using Yoga for Therapeutic Care.