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Yoga DVDs

If watching yoga videos online is not a good option for you, another way to be able to “watch and learn” yoga at home is to buy and use yoga DVDs or VCDs.

Where to Find Yoga DVDs in Singapore

There are four primary places where you can find Yoga DVDs in Singapore for sale.

  • The “old style” video shop in your neighborhood – Depending on how big the shop is and how long it has been around, your local video shop might or might not hold the DVDs you want. Afterall, I would guess people head to these shops mainly for the latest blockbusters, rather than exercise videos. For a better chance at getting the yoga video discs that you want, check out the older shops (e.g. non-franchised movie rental shops).
  • Large bookshops – Bookshops like Popular, Harris, Times or MPH outlets may sometimes have a section on health and fitness where they might display the DVDs. Alternatively, check out their multimedia or e-learning section.
  • Yoga Centers – Some yoga centers in Singapore hold VCDs or DVDs of their own instructors teaching the different yoga poses, while others hold popular international yoga instructors. Enquire before you make a trip down.
  • Sports Equipment Shops – While you probably will not find stores like World of Sports, or Sportslink carrying DVD videos on yoga, you might be able to find one in your neighborhood that does. Alternatively, head on the Novena Square / Square 2 where you can should be able to find some proper DVDs from the sport shops.

Finding Yoga DVDs Online

Yoga workout DVDs seem to be pretty uncommon in the retail shops in Singapore, and even if they do, the variety of programs you can find will also be quite limited. After all, the shelf space and inventory costs money to these retailers, and many will choose to use it to cater to a bigger audience with movie DVDs.

On the Internet, however, it becomes very much easier to find these DVDs. In fact, the variety of yoga programs you can find on DVD on just the internet giant alone is amazing – enough for you to take years to learn!

There is one small issue when purchasing yoga workout DVDs from online stores though – DVDs are region coded, so for example, a DVD meant for the US market will have the region code of 1. In Singapore, our region code is 3. This comes into play because some DVD players in Singapore can only play region code 3 disks. Be sure to check with your DVD player retailer before you purchase the disk.

Get Yoga DVDs in Singapore for Free

Another alternative to get your hands on a set of Yoga DVDs in Singapore is to head to your neighborhood NLB public library. In the multimedia section of the shelves where they put the AV materials, you will be able to find a good variety of Yoga workout DVDs for you to pick and choose.