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What to Expect in a Yoga Class

If it is the first time you are attending a yoga class in Singapore, you need to know what to expect.

In Singapore, class sizes can vary a lot – depending on which Yoga centre you go to. Some classes can be as few as two people, giving you almost a “private teacher” feel, while others can can hold up to fifteen people at a go. Classes are usually conducted at yoga studios, which are like dance studios. Whatever the class size, it is important that there must be enough space for everyone to stretch their arms out, or lie down comfortably without interrupting another student.

Typically, the Yoga instructor will take the students though each posture. They will first demonstrate the full posture once, then talk through the steps before allowing the students to practice it.

Classes typically last from 60 to 90 minutes.

Yoga Class Routine

A good yoga class routine will consist of:

  • A warming up session, which might also include cleansing routines.
  • A series of balanced postures to promote your strength, stamina and ease the mind.
  • A series of mixed postures (depending on which type of class you are attending)
  • A relaxation session, for you to cool down and recover

Yoga Class Etiquette

To enhance your yoga class experience, it would be best for to follow some simple rules.

  • Arrive early (10 – 15 mins) before the class so you can get done with any administrative procedures. Classes typically start on time and many centres do not allow students to enter a class once it is started
  • Do not leave the studio while class is in progress. If you absolutely have to, wait until it is between postures to do so.
  • Bring only your essential yoga equipment into the studio. Most centres have lockers for students to keep their things safely. Remember to leave your mobile phones into your lockers too!
  • Wear proper yoga attire.
  • Respect your yoga teacher and fellow students – be friendly and courteous to them at all times.

Best Practices for Learning Yoga in a Class

When attending a yoga class, you can also strive to be a good student by following these best practices.

  • Turn up for classes regularly by making it part of your routine. Find a yoga class that suits your routine.
  • Be aware of your breathing as you go through each posture. Coordinate your breathing with your movements, so you can perform the poses easier.
  • Go only as far as your body allows. Remember that there is no competition on who can stretch the most or perform the posture best. Do what your body allow you to do, and let your instructor advice you on how you can improve over time.
  • Put your problems and other worries aside when you attend a class.