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Types of Yoga Teachings

When you think about attending a Yoga class in Singapore, most probably, you are thinking about Hatha Yoga – that is, the physical discipline of yoga, which is the popularized branch of yoga.

However, it is important to note that there are also many styles of Hatha Yoga to choose from, and even within each style, there are also classes catering to different and specialized groups of people.

Generally, classes tend to be predominantly female for the regular slower paced “stretching” and “postures” yoga, and there will be more men attending more aerobic types of yoga classes like Ashtanga or Power Yoga. It is best to read up on the different styles of Yoga first, or ask the people at your Yoga center to make sure that the style of Yoga teaching suits you and your needs.

Specialized Yoga Classes

Many Yoga Centers in Singapore today offer specialized classes for people with specific needs. For example, some offer pre-natal yoga classes, pregnancy yoga classes, and even therapy yoga classes.