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Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Pregnancy involved a lot of changes to your physical body, both physiological as well as physical. In fact, apart from your shape and weight, the chemistry of your body is also changing during pregnancy. These changes to your body might result to some side effects which are somewhat unpleasant – like back problems, fatigue and cramps. That is why it is said that having pregnancy yoga classes can help you. Yoga can help you build a stronger and healthier body – so that you can cope with changes better.

Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines

That said, there are also a few guidelines when attending yoga classes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy YogaFirst and most importantly – get your doctor’s opinion about your attending pregnancy yoga classes. Every person is different, and since yoga will affect not only yourself but your child, it is best to have a professional opinion.

  • Don’t stretch yourself – avoid the extreme postures
  • Avoid sit-ups, or other postures that put pressure on the uterus
  • Avoid inverted postures
  • Avoid lying on your stomach
  • Avoid exercises that require you to move quickly (aerobic yoga). Stick to the slower postures and ease in to these postures – don’t jump in and out of postures!
  • Stop the exercise immediately if you feel any discomfort

It is also not recommended to start a yoga regime in the middle of your pregnancy. You should start early (preferably even before your conceive) so that your body isn’t put into more stress than it should.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

When done properly, doing yoga should help you with the following benefits:

  • Helps you to relax your whole body
  • Strengthens you back and helps you with back problems
  • Reduces cramps and swelling
  • Helps you be more aware of your body changes
  • Helps you understand and learn the breathing techniques for labor

Finding a Pregnancy Yoga Class

It becomes even more important that when you find a yoga class during your pregnancy, the location and class size must fit your needs. In fact, instead of opting for a group class, you might want to consider getting a private yoga instructor specializing in pregnancy yoga to guide you through your sessions.

There are also different variants of pregnancy yoga, each appealing to a different stage of pregnancy and post pregnancy – like prenatal yoga classes and post-natal yoga classes. Be sure to select the ones that suit you and your child best. When in doubt, always clarify with a certified yoga instructor before commencing!