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Free Online Yoga Videos

Want to have a go at yoga, but still reluctant to go for classes? With the advent of video sharing and streaming websites like YouTube, one of the best ways to learn yoga is to watch free online yoga videos.

Many yoga centers around the world and private yoga instructors have taken the effort to create very good videos on the different poses, and have posted them online for public viewing. Of course, most of these videos are probably posted with the intention of hopefully getting them some more students in their class, but viewing the videos online is 100% free.

Of course, you really get what you pay for. Attending a class is always worthwhile, if you are serious about yoga. One caveat to learning yoga from online videos is that you do not have feedback whether you are doing the poses correctly. Incorrect postures, practiced over the long run, may result in undesirable effects.

Nothing beats the experience of being in a yoga class in singapore, where you have a real certified yoga instructor to guide you real time as you do your poses, give you feedback and for you to clarify any doubts you have. It is therefore recommended that you use these online videos more to complement your training in class.

Searching for Free Yoga Videos Online

The easiest way to search online for yoga videos is to head on to, and simply do a search with the keyword “Yoga”. From there, you can then browse through the search results and watch the videos.

If you are thinking to use yoga for a specific need, you can also vary your keyword phrases. For example, if you are using yoga as a means to lose weight, simply search for “Yoga for Weight Loss” and you will be returned with video results specifically on that issue.

Alternatively, you can also search based on your readiness. For example, searching the video sharing site for “Yoga for Beginners” is one sure way to filter and find the easier yoga postures and exercises which will be ideal for you to try out yoga for the first time.

Here is an example of one of the yoga videos you can view from YouTube.

When NOT to Use Online Yoga Videos

As much as you can save money by watching videos online, some exercises and issues are best supervised by a yoga instructor.

For example, if you are looking to learn pregnancy yoga, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, or mother and child yoga, it would be best for you to attend a class. This not only ensures that you do only the asanas ideal for your capabilities, but also practice them correctly.

Also if you are a novice, avoid the advanced postures, especially if you are practicing alone at home. You don’t want to get “stuck” in a pose or injure yourself!

Practicing Yoga at Home

Even though do not need to go to a yoga studio or centre to practice yoga, it would be good for you to still use the right equipment. At least, get in proper yoga attire and get a yoga mat! This will ensure that you can get the exercises done in the most comfortable fashion.