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Finding a Yoga Class

Attending a Yoga class has numerous benefits, apart from helping you pick up Yoga faster. A good yoga instructor will be able to provide a varied and balanced class, and adapt the pace and postures so that it fits you. Of course, attending a group class will also help you benefit by having the support of your classmates!

It is therefore very important to be able to find a class that suits you. In Singapore, there are several ways you can attend a Yoga class. Here are the few:

Considerations to Make


Of course, the pricing is one factor you have to consider when you decide to opt for a Yoga class. Most Yoga centres have a special pricing for their packages of lessons, so for example, you can get get 10 sessions at about $300, making it $30 per session. Like many other things like life, you get a better rate when you purchase more at one go.


However, apart from pricing, you also have to consider a few other things. One major consideration is the location of the class. Is the centre located nearby your home or workplace? Attending Yoga class where it is convenient for you makes sure that you save time on travelling… and also you don’t give yourself an excuse to skip classes!


Another consideration is the duration of the class. A typical Yoga classes in Singapore will between 60 mins to 90 mins. Give yourself another additional 15 minutes before and at least 30 minutes after to do your preparation and washing up.

Importantly, ask yourself “Can you incorporate a regular class into your life without much disruption?” Remember you will want as minimal changes to your lifestyle as possible. If you had to travel 2 hours just to attend your yoga class, and reach home very late at night after class, you are just giving yourself more reasons to quit the lesson halfway.


Lastly and importantly, you need to pick a class of your level. Most Yoga centres have classes that fit every level. After all, you don’t want to be attempting a headstand on your first lesson! If you are just starting out, go for the most basic classes.