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Family Yoga Classes

Attending a yoga class regularly requires a good amount of discipline and time, especially in a busy city like Singapore. Most of the time, we can hardly find time to get enough sleep, let alone get out for a 60 – 90 min session of yoga. But if you and your partner really want yoga to be a part of your lifestyle, why not make good use of this time for family bonding as well? Family yoga classes help you to be able to get your yoga workout, while still spending quality time with your loved ones.

In a family yoga session, all members of the family – you and your spouse, as well as your kids, can come together to have a good workout together. Normally, a class like this will include music, different yoga poses (of varying difficulty) to appeal to everyone in the family, and will be lots of fun! This yoga session for your kids will not only be fun for them, but also help them develop their self-discipline, and develop their physical and mental health.

Practicing yoga as a family also helps in family bonding. In this hectic economy where most of us working adults are busy running around all the time, it is easy for use to get disconnected with our family members as we go about doing our daily stuff. Family yoga helps to foster good communication between parents and their children, as well as between you and your spouse. This is done by encouraging dialogue as partners assist each other in the different poses. As the communication bond is strengthened, so will the relationships.

Importantly, family yoga also helps many parents to learn to play with their children. Very often, we parents spend too much time disciplining our children and teaching them to differentiate right from wrong, hoping that they will learn well and excel in life. Sometimes we get so entrenched in this that we forgot how to play and enjoy life. A good opportunity to reawaken this child in us is through a family yoga class. As we learn to play, laugh more, have fun, and enjoy our lives, we will naturally feel less stressed out and more motivated at work!

So, is family yoga right for you and your family? Why not get started with a session or two to give it a go?