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Cheap Yoga Classes in Singapore

If you are just getting started with Yoga, you may find the investment for yoga classes in established yoga centers a little expensive. Some of these centers, like True Yoga and Pure Yoga, are regional or international networks which own not only do Yoga classes, but also own facilities like gyms, spas and other fitness related establishments.

Many of these centers charge a monthly membership rate to get access to all their facilities and clubs. Well, some people say you do get what you pay for, and their comprehensive range of facilities is really worth the money spent, if you are really a fitness nut and would like to “go all out”.

Other centers like Absolute Yoga or Hom Yoga charge per month, or by cards (e.g. a 10 class card could cost you between $250 – $300).

However, if you are just starting out and would just like to take your first step into Yoga, you might not be ready or expecting to spend hundreds of dollars over a membership. If you are in this category, it would be recommended for you to spend the money looking for a yoga course, instead of a membership into a yoga centre.

You can find relatively cheaper yoga courses from establishments like community centers, SAFRA, or even the recreation club provided by your company.

For example, Safra Jurong recently started a 8 session yoga class – one hour every Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks, for less than SGD$100, and you can easily find 8 – 12 session yoga courses at a community center near you, again for less than a hundred bucks.

While the experience will definitely be different – probably no hot steam rooms to relax, different sessions for you to choose from, or shower facilities to wash up after your session, these quick courses can help you get your first foot into practicing Yoga, for you to find out if it suits you. After your course, it is still not too late to head on to one of the more established Yoga centers if you think that it is something you want to pursue on a regular basis!

So go ahead and find yourself a cheap yoga class in Singapore to start with!