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Welcome to Yoga Singapore – a resource portal for all yoga enthusiasts in Singapore.

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, and is said to have several health benefits. With a combination of different physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation, this practice originating from India and Hinduism is now popularly used as a form of physical exercise to help you live healthier, eat better and age gracefully.

So why wait? Health and wellness must come before all else in life. When you are able to live at your optimal health, you will have more energy to work on everything else in life – and that includes your finances and relationships! Start practicing yoga!

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Yoga 101

Find out more about Yoga, the different styles and what Yoga equipment you need to get started, in our Yoga 101 section. This section also features the benefits of yoga – not only as a form of physical exercise, but also as a lifestyle and for healing and therapy.

Yoga Poses

Central to any Hatha yoga class are the yoga poses (asanas). Here at Yoga Singapore, we feature some basic yoga exercises for you to get started quickly and easily

Yoga Classes

If you are interested to get started with Yoga quickly, it is recommended that you attend a class. To do so, first find out about Yoga classes in Singapore, as well as the things you need to be aware of. Then, head on to our Singapore Yoga Directory and find a yoga centre convenient for you.